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Tale Of Us @ Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport for Cercle
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why, strength train?

Because we invented computers

Muscles, joints, and hormonal balance thrive when placed under the 'right' pressure!

* Stabilise the pelvis.

* Lengthen the Spine, and,

* Draw the shoulders back and down.

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but, why?

✓ You sit, lots,
✓ You're aging,
✓ You stress,
✓ You doubt,
✓ Your hips tilt, unnaturally,
✓ Your spine is collapsing,
✓ Your shoulders roll forward & up.

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what you'll get

a psychological confidence boost
a healthy functionally strong pain-free back
de-aging coordination & balance
muscle symmetry
aiding your ideal weight & shape for life
you can keep playing

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What you need!

* A set of Dumbbells

* Roller

* Floor Mat

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Your Dumbell Weight!

You can 'just' complete;
◦ 3 x 10 Reps Shoulder Press,
◦ With 15 seconds rest.

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Before Starting!

* Clear all injuries.
* Physio clearance.
* Must be fit to go!

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Strength Training Rules

* Warm up - even a few skips on the spot.
* Avoid starting with a load too heavy.
* Always use good form.
* Engage your trunk muscle groups always.
* Mostly, use a full range of movement.
* Sting; yes, pain; no.
* Remember to breathe, properly.
* Focus on the movement, not your phone.
* Work through the session quickly.

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What if I miss a Day!
No big deal, mark an X in your scorecard, complete the next session tomorrow. 
Don't make it up, it's gone!
Can I punch out two sets in a day/ session?
If you're healthy, capable, and well trained, yes, punch out two sets.
Train yesterday's set first, then today's.
And mark your scorecard as two sets. 
I've had a few back issues, can I start?
Undoubtedly, your Medical support team, most likely a Physiotherapist, should give you the all clear.
Take the printed program, direct them to the web link, and be directed by their expertise. 
It could be your Medical Practioner designs further bridging movements for you. 
How should I feel after the first session?
It is normal to pull up a little sore after your first session.
A little soreness is a good sign. 
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) will subside in around 48 hours.
Warm up & move onto the next day!
Can I still play my favourite sport?
You bet, this program is designed to support your lifestyle. 
All sessions are designed to be short, sharp, and fire your best postural balance.
Tick off the session and get on with your life.
I'm female and 45years, will I get big from all this?
No chance, not even close! 
Unless you're loading up with testosterone, or training 2-3 hours a day, you will NOT blow up!
We're after your ideal spinal posture, muscle tone, and improve coordination and balance. 
If you're after the next level, get yourself to a gym.