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✔ Choose your best lifestyle-friendly weekly menu,

✔ List, Shop, and prepare your weekly food on the Sunday,

✔ Post up your weekly menu on the fridge,

✔ Note - meal portions are recommendations based on the average appetite and energy needs.  They may require subtle tinkering.


Do - Employ these appetite satisfaction brain tricks.


✔ 40% of meal calories from protein - see menu,

✔ Every meal must feature a good dietary fibre portion,

✔ Start every meal with a glass of water - ideally gassed and lightly salted with pink Himalayan salt,

✔ Eat slowly - eating and talking is a good idea, void of distracting screens,

✔ Add spices like cayenne pepper, wasabi, and soy sauce,

✔ Finish breakfast and lunch with a caffeinated drink - coffee (ideally black), Tea, or Green Tea,

✔ Consider a post evening meal, Ginger & Lemon Tea,

✔ Fast, 3/7 lunches,

✔ Use smaller plates,

✔ After plating, contain and store remaining food,

✔ Brush your teeth after your meal,

✔ Exercise 'aerobically'/ meaning, more easily, during the Hunger Games,

✔ Read a paperback before bed and consider Valerian Forte for sleeping support,

✔ A little evening quality dark chocolate,

✔ Solid over liquid meals,

✔ During Days 1-21, if you don't feel hungry at 'mealtime' still eat, a little.





✔ Make it up as you go,

✔ Catch yourself eating a commercial meal, unless,

✔ GIve up after three days - please, you gotta have a crack!



Don't - Employ these appetite enhancers.



◦ Loads of complex carbohydrates - pasta, bread, commercial wheat-based cereal,

◦ Most products containing refined sugar - including sauces,

◦ Snacking on commercial so-called healthy bars (eg. muesli-bars),

◦ Beer on an empty stomach,

◦ A pantry of appetite enhancing food - corn chips, rice crackers, biscuits, sweets, sugar-coated nuts,

◦ Sweet chilli sauce - well - pretty much most commercial sauces,

◦ Soups, which, for the most part, will leave you hungry shortly after,

◦ Get caught eating, particularly the volume, what people around you are consuming,

◦ All protein shakes, particularly, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavoured,

◦ Eat salad only, be sure to add sufficient protein,

◦ Exercise too hard or too long, beyond your current fitness level - see Exercise Guidelines.



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the hunger games action plan
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Frequency - 5-7/7
Intensity - Your 50-70% of maximal sustained effort
Type - Weight bearing will always be King (eg. walking, jogging)
Time - 20-30 minutes
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Frequency - 7/7

⁍ Given your intensity is relatively 'easy', plan a daily dose.
⁍ Life will likely dictate the odd missed day, and this is OK.
⁍ I once felt building up towards 7/7 workouts was appropriate, however, your easy 50-70% effort allows for daily action.
⁍ Personally, I prefer morning sessions - get up and tick the box.
⁍ Yes, I expect a session on your birthday and on Christmas day.

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Intensity/ Your perceived effort
⁍ Every session must be performed at your conversational effort.
⁍ You should feel like you're working but never stressed.
⁍ You must finish feeling like you could have continued.
⁍ Effort is perceived at your 5-7/10, only.
⁍ Your good form should never be placed under stress.
⁍ As your fitness improves you'll move faster at 'your' 5-7/10 effort zone.
⁍ Click the blue icon below for a closer look at 'your' ideal exercise effort.

blackboard-1846865_1280 - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy - copy
⁍ Weight-bearing action is generally best - eg. walking, jogging.
⁍ Start with a brisk walk and shuffle up over time, body permitting.
⁍ Walking over any terrain is fine, including a treadmill if this be more convenient.
⁍ Of course, riding, swimming, x-trainer, and the step machine are all good options.

blackboard-1846865_1280 - copy - copy - copy - copy
⁍ Allocate 20-30 minutes of moving time.
⁍ If time allows, keep going at your 50-70% effort.
⁍ Yes, more is better, providing you're holding your 50-70% zone.
⁍ I would recommend logging a longer session on the wknd - up to 90 minutes.
⁍ Aim for the magical 150 minutes of action each 7-day period.
⁍ Mix up your courses, buddy up if possible, and, indoor training can be a great option.

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the hunger games physique
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Frequency - 3-5/7
Intensity - Slowly with perfect form
Type - Body & Dumbbell loaded movements
Time - '3-5' minutes, only
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Squats: 2 sets x 10 reps with 15 seconds rest
Push Ups: 2 sets x 10 reps with 15 seconds rest
Torso Twists: 2 sets x 16 reps with 15 seconds rest
Back Arches: 2 sets x 6 reps with 10 seconds rest
Tricep Dips: 2 sets x 8 reps with 10 seconds rest

blackboard-1846865_1280 - copy - copy - copy
'Your' Action

⁍ Check out the video demonstrating all the movements on the next slide.
⁍ I suggest starting with the safest action of each exercise first and moving towards the more difficult option when your strength develops.
⁍ Perform each exercise slowly, with your best form.
⁍ Your ideal dumbbell load has you completing the sets working harder to complete the final few reps.
⁍ I tend to start most men with 2 x 10kgs DB's.

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