1) Do you often wake mid-sleep & struggle to return to a deep sleep.
2) Do you wake frequently believing you need to urinate?
3) Is your motivation towards exercise low.
4) Do you suffer from colds hands & feet?
5) Do you find conversation an effort, particularly at home?
6) Do you often encounter 3 boofheads before 11 am?
7) Are your eyes 'sensitive', and to the light?
8) Has your sex drive diminished?
9) Are your emotions triggered easily?
10) Are you lowering your self-worth?


Your Score ....../10
1) Are you drawn innately to processed carbs (sugars)?
2) Do you fall sleepy after eating?
3) Do you suffer from intestinal bloating (and gas) after meals?
4) Do you often find yourself craving sweets or caffeine, particularly when stressed?
5) Does your family have a history of diabetes, or, gaining weight, easily?
6) Have you continued to gain weight as you've aged, more easily than most?
7) Have you found it difficult losing weight?
8) Do you find your strongest craving for sweeter food presents after 5 pm?
9) Are your cholesterol & triglycerides levels high?
10) Are you often hungry 6 hours post eating?


Your Score ....../10
1) Are you short of breath when taking the stairs?
2) Do you frequently experience aches & pains?
3) Do you fall to more than 2 colds a year?
4) Do you have little physical energy when returning from work?
5) Do you sit more than 14-16 hours per day?
6) Has your motivation for exercise decreased with age?
7) Do you experience numbness or coldness in your hands & feet?
8) Is your waistline increasing yearly? 
9) Do you suffer muscle cramps?
10) Has your 'good' posture slumped with age?


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