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the renewal model
a. assessment
b. purpose
c. moving
d. nourishment
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part b - 'health' assessment

1. Blood Pressure
2. Resting Heart Rate (ECG accurate)
3. A1c Blood Glucose
4. Blood Ketones (Fats)
5. Lung Capacity
6. Scale Weight
7. Girth Measurement
8. Heart Rate Variability (HRV Stress Test Score)

health check 5
Why we assessed?

✔ We now have unassailable (starting) data.

✔ Heighten your health awareness.

✔ Drive your future motivation.

✔ Offer health programming direction.

✔ Re-test lifestyle changes.

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rhythmic & continuous action
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Frequency - 7/7
Intensity - Renewal Model Effort (RME)
Type - Weight bearing is best (eg. walking+)
Time - 20+ minutes
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Frequency - 7/7

⁍ Given your intensity is relatively 'easy' (RME), plan a daily dose.
⁍ Life will likely dictate the odd missed day, and this is OK.
⁍ I once felt building up towards 7/7 workouts was appropriate, however, RME intensity allows for daily action
⁍ I much prefer planning morning sessions, but your lifestyle will dictate your scheduling.
⁍ Yes, I expect a session on your birthday and on Christmas day.

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* Intensity - RME (Renewal Model Effort)
⁍ Every session must be performed at your conversational effort
⁍ You should feel like you're working but never stressed
⁍ You must finish feeling like you could have continued
⁍ Effort is perceived at your 6-7/10, only
⁍ Your good form should never be placed under stress
⁍ As your fitness improves you'll move faster at 'your' 6-7/10 effort zone
⁍ Click the blue icon below for a closer look at 'your' ideal exercise effort

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⁍ Weight-bearing action is generally best - eg. walking
⁍ Start with a brisk walk at your RME and shuffle up over time, numbers permitting
⁍ Walking over any terrain is fine, including a treadmill if more convenient
⁍ Start walking, briskly, never exceeding your RME
⁍ Of course, riding, swimming, x-trainer, step machine are all good options, at your RME

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⁍ Allocate 20 minutes of moving time
⁍ If time allows more time at your RME, go for it
⁍ Yes, more is better, providing you're in your RME zone and finishing with healthy energy
⁍ I would recommend logging a longer session on the wknd - up to 90 minutes
⁍ Aim for the magical 200 minutes of R&C RME action each 7-day period
⁍ Mix up your courses, buddy up if possible, and, indoor training can be a great option

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In a nutshell
⁍ Aim for daily sessions
⁍ Mark off your sessions on your planner - this drives continued motivation
⁍ Join the 200 (minutes) club each week
⁍ Start walking, briskly, never exceeding your RME
⁍ If your numbers & quiz score are improving, pick it up to a healthy shuffle at your RME
⁍ Throw in your Spinal Balance Routine (SBR) 3-5/7

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spinal strength routine
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Frequency - 3-7/7
Intensity - Allowing perfect form
Type - Body & Dumbbell loaded movements
Time - 'about' 10 -15 minutes, per set
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⁍ Squats: 2 sets x 10 reps with 15 seconds rest
⁍ Push Ups: 2 sets x 10 reps with 15 seconds rest
⁍ Torso Twists: 2 sets x 16 reps with 15 seconds rest
⁍ Back Arches: 2 sets x 6 reps with 10 seconds rest
⁍ Tricep Dips: 2 sets x 8 reps with 10 seconds rest

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'Your' Action

⁍ Check out the video demonstrating all the movements on the next slide
⁍ I suggest starting with the safest action of each exercise first and moving towards the more difficult option when your strength develops
⁍ Perform each exercise slowly, with your best form
⁍ Your ideal dumbbell load has you completing the sets working harder to complete the final dew reps
⁍ I tend to start most woman with 2 x 5kgs DB's

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Key Principles

⁍ Meal simplicity & repeatability
⁍ Planning weekly nutrition
⁍ Whole real foods almost always
⁍ Near zero refined sugar
⁍ Low complex starchy carbs
⁍ 'Good' energy rich fats with every meal
⁍ Water to thirst
⁍ Add clean salt to taste

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Nourishment Considerations

⁍ Given you'll be exposed to whole real foods, only, your meal volume will be dictated by your hunger, for the most part
⁍ Breakfast is your priority - eat up
⁍ Coffee or Tea is OK (2 per day)
⁍ I recommend grazing on the top 10 choices
⁍ Work towards lowering your lunch & evening meal volume
⁍ Alcohol is OK in moderation
⁍ Finish each day with either; boiling water + lemon, or green alkalising drink

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⁍ Re-nourish after exercise
⁍ Don't be scared of a larger volume/ this will lower your evening hunger
⁍ I strongly recommend mixing up the following ingredients;
Eggs, Cream, Avocado, Feta, Seeds, Nuts (except peanuts) Sea Salt, Tomato, Green leaf choices, and real Meat choices (eg; bacon, chicken, fish)
⁍ Coffee or Tea, Water to thirst
⁍ Avoid boxed cereals, bread, fruit drinks or juices, liquid meals, & protein shakes
⁍ Again, mix up the ingredients listed above for your variety & convenience

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⁍ To avoid over-eating at your main meals, I strongly recommend intermittent grazing
Top 10 Best Choices: Sunflower or Pepita seeds, Cocoa butter treats, Macadamia nuts, Almond nuts or slivers, Chia seeds mixed in natural yogurt, Coconut flakes, Unsweetened Chocolate, Veggies, Hommus
⁍ Your brain will rarely have you over-consuming these choices and will lower (main) meal appetite
⁍ Avoid summer fruits, juices, liquid protein shakes, sports products, and energy drinks

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⁍ Contained left overs are best - volume to hunger
⁍ Hopefully breakfast & grazing satisfied your hunger for 6-8 hours.
⁍ I strongly recommend preparing your own lunch, life permitting
⁍ Choose a 'low-portion' of protein: Eg; Tinned fish in olive oil, chicken breast, cuts of red meat, or cheeses like halloumi or feta, and tasty salty nuts like pistachios and cashews.
⁍ Mix with any garden 'above the ground' veg, and a little below the ground veg.
⁍ Adding olive oil and or sea salt to any meal is strongly recommended
⁍ If avoiding animal products, which is fine if you know what you're doing, avoid 'over' loading on cheeses, legumes, & bread.
⁍ Fruit like: Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Cherry, Apple & Pear in moderation are a healthy choice
⁍ In lowering your lunch volume, you're welcome to afternoon graze (in moderation)

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Favouring 'good' fats over carbs & excessive protein
⁍ To satisfy your sustained hunger by slowly metabolising healthy brain and physical energy, slot into your culinary day a mix of 'good' fats.
⁍ Good fats stabilise your hunger & energy far better protein & carbs, which of course, you still need.
⁍ Good fats lower inflammation, limit blood sugar dips, and DO NOT spike insulin
⁍ Avoid bad fats like; vegetable oils, processed meats, preserved biscuits, margarine & particularly when mixed with refined sugar.
⁍ Olive & Coconut Oil, Coconut, Real Butter, Organic Animal Saturated Fat, Eggs, Avocado, Seeds, and Nuts are your everyday go to good fat choices.

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⁍ Hopefully your fueling day has left you with moderate hunger pangs
⁍ While dinner volume to hunger still applies, I would like you ever slightly lowering your evening meal portion.
⁍ Before dinner, start with a glass of water, with the smallest pinch of salt (pink Himalayan is best) to taste - if you're game
⁍ Choose your protein, however, please know, Australian's by culture tend to over consume animal protein. Go easy on the portion, and or, choose good fats (butter) with herbs & veggies - loading up to your desire.
⁍ Of course all veggies are fantastic
⁍ On completion of your dinner, brush your teeth
⁍ To complete your day, I recommend a glass of boiling water + lemon, herbal tea, or green alkalising drink like Vital Greens or Super Greens (not great on taste but epic on gut health)

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In a nutshell
⁍ Prioritise a fulfilling slowly metabolised breakfast featuring some healthy fat
⁍ Drink water to thirst, adding a tiny pinch of salt to maintain your optimum hydration status
⁍ Graze on the right choices throughout the day - seeds being best
⁍ Our goal is to reduce main meal portion size
⁍ Your goal of lunch is to prevent a large evening meal
⁍ There is no limit to garden veg volume - combining with butter, garlic, & sea salt is gold
⁍ Alcohol is OK in moderation

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