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The Walk/Run Practice
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What: Progressively increasing running intervals with 'brisk' walking.

Why: Avoid all injury, build fitness and wellness, drive enjoyment.

How: Practice the right running technique, police intensity, answer weekly questions.

The Key: Following the plan.
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The right 'running' technique.

1. Tall
2. Short
3. Low
4. Soft
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Policing your 'Max' Effort
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Never push harder than your 'easy' effort.

Calculate your 'easy' effort.

You'll naturally move faster at your easy effort.
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Your 'Easy' Effort

Your effort zone for ALL sessions.
About 60-75% of your perceived max effort.
Around 125-145 heart rate beats per minute.
'Your' conversational all-day perfect form pace.
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What WILL happen when exceeding 'your' easy effort.

Injury: Likely; Achilles, Shin, Knee, Lower back.
Illness: Upper Respiratory, Chronic Fatigue.
Suppressed Motivation: Game over.
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a) 183 minus your Age = (This is your Heart Rate in Beats per Minute)

b) If you've suffered major illness within the last five years; minus 6 =

c) You've been largely sedentary over the past two years; minus 3 =

d) You have suffered more than one cold & flu over the past 12 months; minus 2 =

e) You are challenged regularly with muscle or joint inflammatory conditions; minus 3 =

f) You acknowledge challenging lifestyle Mental & emotional) stress; minus 3 =

g) You've been largely healthy for two years; add 5 =

h) You've exercised regularly for three years; add 3 = your hardest effort.

Your best Zone: 10 beats lower than the number above up to this number Eg. 122-132bpm.
Calculating your max effort.
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The 'Four' Weekly Questions
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1. Are you injured?

2. Are you sick?

3. Do you feel flat, fatigued, or disinterested?

4. Are you sleeping poorly?
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Your 8-Week Plan
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Weeks 1-4
Weeks 5-8
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