6 Things you should never do straight after Eating!

1. Smoking; nicotine added to digestion increases 10x the normal absorption of harmful carcinogens.  

2. Sleep, or laying down; this slows digestion and can even reverse stomach acid, causing reflux.  

3. Showering; Digestion needs blood to work, well, and hot showers draw blood to the skin, leaving digestion restricted.

4. Drinking Tea; Tea, while good, can reduce iron absorbtion when mixed with main meals. 

5. Fruit; Again, while for the most part, are good for us, but when consumed after our bulk calories, fruit can disrupt 'normal' absorption speed.

6. Drinking cold water; cold water can slow 'normal digestion, so go for warm water to help breakdown and transport. 

6 Herbs to beat Insomnia!

1. Valerian; I've used Valerian forte supplements with consistent success.  

2. Passionflower; calming and relaxing.

3. Ashwagandha; I've only tried once, successfully, but fairly strong.

4. Magnolia Bark; There seems to be enough evidence suggesting a calming return.

5. Lavender; an old faithful, and for most part, offers up a relaxing state.  Try a dab of oil on your top lip just before bed.

6. Chamomile; again, has been a favourite, forever, and, being easily accessible, why not try a tea just before bed. 

6 Signs you are likely Dehydrated!

During the last 10kms of the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, here's how I feel, every time!  If you, too, feel like this, I'd grab some water and add a pinch of Himalayan Salt, now.

1. Feel like you're eating water!

2. Tired, fatigued, confused and cranky!

3. Dry eyes, blurred vision, difficulty focusing.

4. Headaches, disorientated, and muscle cramps. 

5. Hungry, yes, often people are dehydrated not hungry!

6. Dark Urine and Scaly old looking skin - pinch the back of your hand, if it doesn't return quickly, drink! 


6 Reasons Coffee is King!

1. Caffeine helps store 'sugar' energy (glycogen) while promoting stored fat for energy; so, + fat-burning! 

2. Caffeine drives feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine & norepinephrine; meaning, happy days.

3. It can lower exercise perceived exertion; meaning, you can go longer & harder!

4. Is chocked full of nutrients like; VB2, B5, Potassium & Niacin; healthy days!

5. Can lower your risk of type 2 - Diabetes; Studies not clear, but less coffee drinking suffers.

6. The influence of a good mood opens up conversation!

6 Natural Sweeteners other than Sugar!

1. Raw Honey; is King! Athletes should use raw honey instead of synthetic gels, sports drinks, etc!

2. Stevia; be careful, it doesn't take much to well and truly sweeten things up!

3. Coconut Sugar; not bad, again, be sparing with volume.

4. Monk Fruit powder; I use this in 2.7, and it can be bought from all Supermarkets.

5. Erythritol; is a sugar alcohol that does not influence insulin and calories balance/ perfect for those keen to live at their best weight.

6. Mannitol; again, little influence on insulin balance, so, a good option for diabetics. 

6 Foods that smack Cancer!

1. Tomato's

2. Broccoli

3. Garlic

4. Salmon

5. Citrus fruit

6. Cancer causing foods; Processed meats, Genetically modified foods (GMO's), Microwaved popcorn, DIet drinks, Refined sugar, Hydrogenated Oils, Highly processed white flour.

6 Signs you are could be low in Vitamin C!

1. Dry skin.

2. Splitting hair.

3. Swelling and discolouration of your gums.

4. Sudden and unexpected bleeding from your gums.

5. Nosebleeds.

6. Food highest in Vitamin C; Guava, Black Current, Red Pepper, Kiwi, Green Peppers, Orange, Strawberries.

6 Ways 'harder' Exercise will influence Reboot 2.7!

1. Sugar craving; usually after dinner.

2. Hungry; increased appetite, finding it difficult to hit the spot. 

3. Coffee; interest or need for more than two coffee's a day. 

4. Can I add sauce?; No, and certainly not Sweet Chilli or BBQ sauce.

5. Can I eat watermelon or a banana?; No, not that these are poor options, and, when appropriate, these are good choices.  For now, no, I'd like to limit blood sugar spikes. 

6. Back off your exercise intensity for the 2.7 reboot; unless you've been training regularly for 10 years and you live comfortably at your ideal weight!


6 Top Alkalising Foods!

1. Spinach

2. Kale

3. Cucumber

4. Broccoli

5. Avocado

6. Celery

* Most industrial foods drive down our pH to unhealthy toxic acidity balance. 

6 Worst food-like products on the planet!

Countdown to the worst 'thing' you can throw down your throat;

6. Cheap Ice Cream; you know the stuff, in big yellow containers, or, sadly, out of a van.

5. Packet meats; that, when opened, is still enticing 4 months later!

4. Chico Rolls; can you still buys these?

3. Iced cheaper biscuits; geeez, I did smash these up as a kid!

2. Pop Tarts; it's hard selecting the Captain; Maple Brown, Chocotastic, or Hot Fudge Sundae.

1. Energy Drinks; While alcoholic Energy Drinks would lead the way, I'm throwing in all soft drinks, which, well and truly, include 'Diet' versions.