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Test & Score your CI before starting the 14 day project
a. 'Your' Health Status Assessment (.../10)
b. CI Quick Quiz (.../10)
c. Non-Invasive Test (4 Factors)
Follow closely the CI 14-Day Menu
Re-test & Score yourself after the 14 day project (a, b, c)
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Actualise your (possible) carbohydrate intolerance

Motivate your future 'more' fitting food choices
Live with your best health - including your ideal weight & shape free from stress
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a) Know more about CI - the info section
b) Assess your 'before & after' health - the testing section

c) Print your menu, purchase & prepare - the menu section
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What is Carbohydrate Intolerance (CI)?

The inability to efficiently process (breakdown & burn) carbohydrate food choices - food - based from starches, e.g. grains (mainly; wheat, rice & corn), and 2) sugars, e.g. refined sugar (mainly; 'refined' sucrose, and also fructose).

CI affects the gut, the insulin response, and innate food behaviour.

If blood sugar is spiked repeatedly and remains elevated for extended periods of time, this can cause illness and will influence weight gain.

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Sugar & starch based carbs elevate blood glucose.

Elevated blood glucose promotes insulin to counter the potentially toxic blood sugar imbalance.

Excessive and repeated insulin production, when activity level is low, will result in efficient fat storage.

While gaining unnecessary fat may not influence good health, it is likely.

The typical result from carbohydrate intolerance.

Intestinal (abdominal) bloating,
Appetite dissatisfaction,
Pre-Diabetes towards Diabetes,
Behavioral changes,
Declining sight, and, almost always gain;
Excessive abdominal fat and facial fat.

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35% of Australian's process carbohydrates inefficiently. Further carbohydrate consumption increases CI ailments and the cyclic dependence on carbohydrate choices. CI challenges further increases when consuming nutritionally mismatched food - created or recreated food with a change made to the caoric value, flavour, aroma, enhancment and preservation.

Research and data shows the best approach towards changing CI and improving carbohydrate tolerance is by eliminating near all carbohydrates for 14 days.

This approach appears to be the only way towards changing long-term bio-chemical food behaviour. The presence and abundance of heavily advertised industrial carb-laden choices influences food behaviour, negatively.

Your CI project return.

Increased daily mental & physical energy.
Your ideal living weight.
Improved sleep quality.
A change in food behaviour.

Ultimately we're changing your metabolism towards favouring the burning of stored fat for energy, a change from favouring predominately blood and stored sugar.
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Keeping it Simple!


1. Follow the listed menu (next accordion), pending your taste interests, economic position, faith & beliefs, and energy output,




At your discretion, simply choose food from the list below;


Meal Volume: Fill to satisfy your hunger.  Do not count calories or worry too much about the meal portion size.  With increasing the 'good' fat portion and reducing the carbohydrate portion (both refined sugars & starchy grain-based choices) you should find satisfying your sustained satiation possible on a lower meal portion (naturally).  Avoid all products containing refined carbs.


Key Practice: You must eat breakfast, snack (on listed choices) if means avoiding hunger pangs and blood sugar dips, brush your teeth directly on finishing your evening meal, and except they'll be a few likely challenging days.


Go for it foods!


• Eggs
• Cheeses
• Full-Cream
• Sour Cream
• Real Butter - not margarine
• All 'unprocessed' Meat - red, white, pink
• Unsweetened Vegetable Juice
• Avocado
• All above the ground vegetables
• All below the ground vegetables - except; potatoes.
• All nuts & seeds (limit peanuts)
• All herbs & spices
• Oils - Olive, Coconut, Avocado & Seed Oils - NO vegetable oil.
• Vinegar, Mayonnaise, Salsa, Mustard
• Water to thirst - a dash of pink Himalayan salt is best (particularly in warmer weather)
• Coffee & Tea to interest - limit milk.


Broad Meal Ideas - mix'n'match


• Omelettes, with any combination of veggies, meats, avocado and cheese.
• Scrambled with guacamole, sour cream & salsa.
• Scrambled with a scoop of ricotta cheese and chopped tomatoes & basal.
• Boiled or poached with spinach or asparagus and a cheesy sauce - considering a little meat, e.g., bacon.


• Green leaf, meats, cheeses, eggs.
• Spinach, bacon, eggs, anchovies
• Caesar - green leaf, meat, parmesan cheese, seeds, etc.
• Basically any green leaf, adding any meat, nuts & seeds, a dash of Olive Oil and a pinch of seas salt will work.
• Dressings - Olive Oil, Vinegar, Balsamic, Apple cider, or even a heavy creamy mayo with garlic and spices etc.


Fish & Meats
• Pot roast with onions, carrots, and celery.
• Roasted chicken stuffed aniseed, celery, and carrots.
• Chilli-type dish made from fresh, chopped meat and a variety of veggies such as eggplant, onions, celery, zucchini, adding spices.  Oh, no beans.
* Steak & Eggs, add your salad/ veggies etc- no chips!
• Chicken parmigiana with mixed salad - not breaded or deep-fried.
• All Fish (is King) with any salad you can create - load up on the nuts & seeds.
• Tuna melt of a bed of broccoli & Asparagus.


• Hard-boiled eggs.
• Throw some unprocessed meat in some lettuce adding some cheese, pepper.
• A handful of mixed seeds.
• Vegetable juice (fresh or V8).
• A handful of nuts.
• Celery & hommus.
• Guacamole with veggies.
• Leftovers.


Dining Out
• Avoid bread.
• Ask for extra veggies instead of rice or root veg.
• Use butter & add salt.
• Asian - Steamed meat, fish, or vegetables.
• Avoid all fried food.


FYI - If I were to design your 14 Day Menu, absolute, I'd keep it simple & repeatable.


Breakfast: 1-2 fried eggs in true butter, throwing in a few macadamia & cashews nuts, plating with avocado, a little feta in oil, sea salt & a drizzle of olive oil. A big glass of water with a small pinch of Himalayan pink salt and a strong black coffee. Repeat with minor day to day variations.


Lunch: Red or Pink Salmon, Onion, Tomato, chopped & mixed green leaf, sunflower seeds, and a drizzle of olive oil & vinegarette. Another black coffee and water to thirst.


Graze: Cheese, Macadamia nuts, Coconut, Seeds, Salted Water.


Dinner: Before eating I would start with a large water, then any red, pink or white meat with above the ground garden salad - varying daily. No sauces.



Let's keep this simple!


Completely avoid food from this list;


• Bread, pasta, pancakes, cereal, muffins, chips, biscuits, crackers, rice crackers
• All sweets, soft drink, ice cream, cakes, even breath mints
Names for Hidden Sugars
• All sauces
• Fruit (for now) & Fruit juice
• Processed meats, anything smoked
• Potatoes, rice, corn, and beans
• Milk, commercial yogurt
• All so-called healthy snacks, energy bars
• All sports energy products
• Basically, most product promoted with a mascot
• Everything bought from a service station
• All fast food
• Almost everything not prepared by you


A Note on Alcohol


Firstly, long term, you can well manage genetic CI and enjoy alcohol.  So, relax!
Secondly, if you do enjoy a drink, you can still enjoy alcohol throughout the 14-Day Sugar X Project.


Right then, the 14-Day Laws!


Beer, sadly, is OUT.
Sweet wines, Champagne, Rum, Bourbon, Liqueurs are all OUT.
Tonic water is OUT.
If in doubt, avoid it!


Dry wines, pure distilled spirits (gin, vodka, whisky) mixed with carbonated water are IN.


So there you have it!