Score yourself ...../10.


Rescore yourself after the 'Dream On Project'


1. You struggle to fall to sleep.
2. You're woken easily (sound, light, movement).
3. If woken, your mind & thoughts kick in quickly.
4. If woken, you find it difficult to return to sleep quickly.
5. You visit the bathroom at night!
6. You snore for Australia.
7. You wake to feel unsatisfied with recovery.
8. You need coffee before communication.
9. You don't feel like breakfast.
10. You meet 3 boofheads before 11 am. 
SECTION 1: 6am - 1 pm
The Dream On Project!
PURPOSE: Reset your ideal Circadian Rhythm and live at your best courtesy of uninterrupted nutritious sleep!


IMPORTANT: If you haven’t already, checking out, PART A - Your Circadian Rhythm, will help explain much of the following direction.  Some directions may seem a little odd; please know there is a proven reason for all directions. 


DIRECTIONS: Scroll through recommendations noting tips & choices for your 24 hour Dream On Project.
‘About’ 5.30 am - 6.30 am


⁍ The night before starting your 24-hour project: Set your alarm for your ‘normal’ waking time, pending exercise interests. 
⁍ Wake up – most probably via your alarm.
⁍ While still in bed, immediately check your emails, news of the day, and of course overnight football scores.
⁍ Spend no longer than 3 minutes. 
⁍ Know our goal today is to suitably tire both your brain & body, resulting in knock out nutritious rest tonight.
Get Up!
⁍ As you’re rolling out of bed; Strip the Sheets & Pillowcases, throwing them in the wash. 
⁍ Ideally, place your pillows out in the sun.  If not, air undercover. 
⁍ Life permitting, I’d also love your mattress drawing some rays!  Bed bugs hate light & heat.  Tip: After a few hours of baking in the sun, consider throwing a sheet of black plastic over your bed heating the mattress surface to an extreme temperature killing bed bugs for good. 
⁍ Treat yourself: Consider a new Neck Contour (memory foam) Pillow.   


6 am - 8 am


Structured Exercise
Type: Anything rhythmic & continuous.
Time: 20-40 minutes.
Intensity: Do not exceed ‘your’ perceived 60% of maximal effort.  So, it should feel ‘easy’.
Choices: While exercising outdoors is best (re sunlight), as nature intended, if indoors is more appropriate, go for it!
Again, anything offering continuous movement; Walk, Run, Ride, Swim, Stepper, Elliptical machine, Rower etc.
Key Exercise Points
⁍ Warming Up is vital – start super slowly and build up to your 60 % - no spikes, and certainly no rushed starts. 
⁍ Strictly no harder training! 
⁍ ATT; Athletes, your chance to thump it out will come later in the day – for a good circadian reason. 
⁍ Avoid hill runs, punching, carrying logs or being locked in a confined dark room with people wearing lycra.   
⁍ Rehydrate with a small pinch of Himalayan pink salt in a water bottle, during & after your session. 
⦿ Oh, and as for pre-workout supplements like; Beta-Alanine, Creatine, Citruline Malate, L-Arginine, well, they’re all unnecessary and out!
A warm shower and get on with your day.
FYI Organic soap rocks.
Incidental Movement
⁍ In the event structured rhythmic exercise is not possible, amp up your output incidentally. 
⁍ Take the stairs, park a distance from work, mail it yourself, get up and talk to the person on the other side of the office, etc
⁍ Remember, we’re after leaving your brain & body tired enough at days end it craves nutritious quality sleep.
Don’t forget your linen!
Ideally sundry.  Alternatively, pop them in the dryer.
⁍ 1-2 Eggs, 1/3 Avo, 2 cubes Feta, Dash of Sea Salt, Drizzle of Olive Oil on Soy & Linseed toast (1-2) – Gut Reboot ‘Green Eggs’ Breakfast choice.
⁍ Variations: Bacon, Leg Ham, Holumi, Green beans, Garlic. 
⁍ No commercial sauces!
⁍ Check out; Key Principles for Gut Health & Fat burning.
Hot drink
⁍ Coffee; best taken in this order:
⁍ Black – as in brewed or shot, no sugar.
⁍ Classic Choices – as in Cap, Flat, or however fancy you get! I strongly recommend full cream milk!
Bullet Proof Coffee – not for the faint-hearted, but if you’d like to experience what all this whole Keto Diet thing is all about, give it a crack!
⁍ Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea!
⁍ Hot water/ Fresh Lemon. 
Avoid ‘Energy Drinks’, forever!  Drinking energy drinks contribute to the reason you’re on this website in the first place!  While health-conscious media points to excessive caffeine & sugar as reasons driving poor public health, I believe, it’s the synthetic additions & preservatives that challenge our good health most!
500mg Magnesium Chelate: 1 tablet. 
While I usually drive optimum magnesium balance from real foods, like; Green leafy veg, figs, banana’s & seeds, in this reprogramming program, a consolidated hit may offer up an improved sleep. 


8.30 - 9.30 am


Hopefully, if you’ve followed the program to a tee, you’ve likely reset your (digestive) movements!
If you’re still struggling, try, along with your black coffee & magnesium, consuming two tablets of Triphala (Herbs).  This should do the trick. 
7 am -12.30 – Work & work hard!
If you’re on the tools, go hard, employing safety of course,
If you’re a desk jockey, set the alarm reminding you to stand up every 30 minutes – kick your legs out, arch your back, sit down and continue hammering away! 
Perhaps consider giving the Stand Up Desk’ thing a crack! I’d start with standing for 30 minutes/ Sitting for 30 minutes max stints. 
While not possible for many, consider the circadian value just 2 minutes barefoot time, even while sitting.  Allowing your feet to feel the surface does wonders for your posture, coordination & balance. 
Ideally, leaving your desk, taking the stairs, leaving the building, staring into the sun for 5-10 seconds, without your sunglasses, and then returning to your desk, via the stairs, would be circadian heaven. 
The more vitamin D early in the day, the more significant the drop towards sleepy melatonin later in your day.    
Desk jocks; should you be locked into your work requiring little communication, throw on some headphones (Noise cancelling headphones are the bomb), and dial into one of these youtube links;
🗸 Ultimate concentration, binaural white noise focus beat
🗸 Driving definitive alpha brain wave overdrive!
I’ve had more than 1000 clients claiming higher concentration when listening, or more so, hearing this sound!


10.30 am – 11.30 pm


ATTENTION: This is the last choice and the last chance for another black one.  Once 11.30 clicks over, you’re done, you’ve missed your window! 
While I believe in the health value of coffee and caffeine, I also believe when consumed excessively, it can influence circadian rhythm negatively, particularly when consumed after lunchtime.


Lunch 12.30 – 2 pm


Protein choices: Red or Pink Salmon, Pre-cooked & contained chicken breast, Eggs, Tofu.
Avoid red meat, today!
Fat choices: Nuts (Macadamia, Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans), Seeds (Sunflower, Sesame, Pepita’s, Avocado.
Any leafy greens on the planet, and lots of it.
In fact, other than root veg & fruit (for now), anything out of the garden is good to go! 
Throw choices on a wrap, or bowl, adding a little balsamic vinegar!  And rip in!
Volume to hunger! 
Drink a glass of water with lunch + a pinch of salt!
More Lunch Choices – 10 Day Gut Reboot.
NOTE: For those in colder conditions avoid throwing on three layers of clothes and parking yourself on top of the heater.  
Instead, sure, remain comfortable; however, let your own metabolism rev up your optimum thermoregulation. 


11 am – 2 pm


The ‘only’ window for a 17-minute power snooze.
The Power Nap – 1/3 of the world can’t be wrong! Can they! Surely there is power in breaking your waking day with a short power burst of sleeping value.
OK, this works, I can vouch for it!  And, along with over 3000 of my clients.
While, naturally, this is not possible for everyone, here’s, ideally, what you need.
Download the ‘free’ App IOS & Android: Pzizz
Home > Nap > Dial in 17 minutes.
Lay down – bending your knees with your head supported and your eyes covered. 
Turn off your phone and all annoying dingers.
Position your headphones – noise cancelling headphones are best.
Press play!  See you again in 17 minutes!
Just go with it! 
As soon as the bloke brings you back to earth, follow his lead and get up!  Now! Oh, and wipe the saliva from your mouth. 
Click this 20 minute ‘free’ youtube video - POWER SNOOZE 20 MINUTES
Follow the prompts above. 
I’d love you to try the power snooze! Perhaps the weekend may offer up a better chance.
Power Snooze Rules
17-20 minutes ONLY! Any more and you’ll likely muck up your circadian rhythm tonight. 
Get up as soon as you finish!
A glass of water directly after works well. 
An apple or pear also works well directly after your Power Nap! 
Avoid caffeine, refined sugar, or anything preserved directly after napping. 
SECTION 2: 1 pm - 6 am

 The Dream On Project!





PURPOSE: Reset your ideal Circadian Rhythm and live at your best courtesy of uninterrupted nutritious sleep!
IMPORTANT: If you haven’t already, checking out, PART A - Your Circadian Rhythm, will help explain much of the following direction.  Some direction may seem a little odd; please know there is proven reason for all direction.
DIRECTIONS: Scroll through recommendations noting tips & choices for your 24 hour Dream On Project.




2 pm – 5 pm


⁍ Avoid all caffeine.
⁍ Consider further binaural sounds boosting your afternoon concentration - See Section 1 for free links!
⁍ If you had the chance to power snooze it is unlikely you’ll suffer a late afternoon energy crash, or find yourself ‘hangry’. 
However, in preventing an afternoon energy dip (low blood sugar) and eliminating arriving home voracious, consider the Top 10 afternoon sleep-friendly snack choices.


Alcohol Rules


⁍ The Dream On Project is Dry. Hey! C'mon, it’s just 24 hours!
⁍ While a nap cap for many is a proven tonic for a good night’s sleep, in resetting your optimum circadian rhythm we require a night off all alcohol.
Here are some reasons why!
⁍ ‘Excessive’ alcohol and quality sleep is usually a poor mix.  What commonly translates is passing out for 2-3 hours, waking, battling increasing body temperature, courtesy of a digestive & metabolic system in overdrive, leaving broken sleep till 'that all too short time' it's time to get out of bed.
⁍ Alcohol induces adenosine (a brain chemical) which drives delta brain waves, meaning, you’ll likely fall to sleep quickly – this is good!  Unfortunately, alcohol also amps up alpha (high focus) brains waves which normally kick in 2-3 hours after falling asleep – this is bad.
⁍ With alpha waves taking up to 3-4 hours before buffering out, unfortunately,  you’ll miss the restorative REM sleep phase – this is definitely not good!
⁍ Then there’s the mechanical ask of your digestive system balancing both excessive calories and an increase in toxic blood sugar.  Sleep broken with bathroom trips also offers up a sleeping protest.
⁍ Finally, while alcohol is a relaxant, which includes relaxing the muscles of the throat, it is more than likely, excessive’ alcohol will induce amplified snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea.


FYI - The Snoring & Sleep Apnea Test//and Top 5 reasons for snoring!


Sleeping and dehydration!


⁍ Tonight, you’ll sleep unbroken for 7-8 hours.  You will not rehydrate during this time.  You will, however, use fluids through respiration, thermoregulation, and metabolism.


Pre-loading Hydration Rules


⁍ Consume your last liquid 45 minutes before bedtime and a final bathroom stop just before bed.
⁍ Try this: 1 small glass of water, adding a small pinch of Himalayan pink salt.
⁍ Based on 30 years of personal experimentation and observation, the addition of a ‘small’ pinch of salt undoubtedly aids rehydration.  Na+ & H2O works harmoniously in restoring cellular hydration and optimum function.


4 pm – 6 pm


A possible, afternoon training session.
⁍ For those well trained and fittingly conditioned now is the time to crank up your exercise intensity – see Circadian Rhythm for reasons why.
⁍ With body temperature being highest, nerves and muscles functioning best, consider throwing in a harder interval style exercise session.  There is less potential for exercise-induced injury, immune health is less threatened, and harder ‘relative’ exercise will help balance blood sugar before your evening meal and sleep time.
Post ‘harder’ evening exercise practice.
⁍Finish your session leaving a minimum of 3 hours before bedtime.
Finish your post-session shower with 5 seconds of cold water.  Lift your arms exposing all your lymph nodes allowing maximum cooling.
⁍ Avoiding sleep phase 1 with elevated body temperature is paramount.


5 pm - 7.30 pm


Dinner MacroNutrient Ratio: 20% Protein, 20 % Fat, 50% starchy carbs, 10% simple carbs.
Here's why!


⁍ I recommend against genuine (high fat) Keto-style dinners WHEN resetting your circadian rhythm.  While 'current' nutritional research clearly supports consuming 'good' healthy fats, and I know this to be true, my experience suggests, including appropriate carbohydrates, both complex and simple, before sleeping, drives one's best sleep.
Why, sometimes, it’s difficult sleeping when eating a healthy high’er’ fat diet!
Dinner Rules
✅ Consume a glass of water pre-meal.
✅ Serve a smaller collective calorific portion (than usual).
✅ Clean up your plate directly after finishing.
✅ Clean your teeth immediately after cleaning up the table.
✅ Boiling the kettle and prepare your hot drink.


Recommended Circadian resetting meal.


A small portion of Turkey Breast – Tryptophan, the amino acid found in Turkey, will likely make you sleepy. A complicated process driving the release of 5-hydroxytryptamine, aided by carbohydrates, will help release increase, ‘sleepy juice’ melatonin.
While you could try 1 gram of tryptophan supplementation, I’d recommend a small cut of Turkey breast.
Pan fry; Butter, Chopped Lemon Thyme, Garlic, Salt, & Brown Onion.
Sweet Potato – Either, making chips, drizzling in olive oil & tossing sea salt, and oven baking @ 180’ for 30 minutes; or, mashing!
Asparagus – A Star vegetable; Asparagus is an excellent source of fibre, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells.
Kale Chips – just for a bit of fun; chip up fresh kale, place on an oven tray (and baking paper), drizzle Olive Oil, and, again, a dash of sea salt, baking for 15 mins @ 180’.
After dinner carb hits: Kiwi Fruit, Berrie mix, Dark Chocolate, dob of full cream to taste, and a dash of ground cinnamon.  Yep, I want simple & natural carbs finishing off your culinary the day.
Repeat; A small portion, please!
Walk around ‘bare’foot!


Ideally, climate permitting, I’d like just a short time promoting the health benefits of barefoot – including aiding sleep.
Herbal Calming Tea: Chamomile, Peppermint, for those up for the ultimate gut clean out try – Vital Greens (1 tpsn into boiling water.


9 pm – 10.30 pm


Bedroom set up!
✅ Fresh linen.
✅ Breathable blankets – natural wool mix.
✅ Bedside lamp, allowing reading.
✅ Room temperature; Cooler than warmer!
✅ The darker the window drapes, the better – and cover the gaps, using blue tac if you must!
✅ Cover or turn off ALL (blue) lights - If you happen to wake, sight blue light, instantly, serotonin & cortisol cranks up!  This is not ideal as it can take up to 2 hours buffering wakening hormones.
✅ Set the waking alarm.
Best recalibrating sleeping success has come from;
1 x Valerian Forte (Blackmores) 30 minutes before bed.
Valerian rarely leaves drowsiness, and our results suggest success for ‘about’ 70% of users.  Being a natural root extract, I recommend taking Valerian for the Dream On Project.


1 x Zinc or L-Theanine 30 minutes before bed.


Both Zinc & L-Theanine can promote increased relaxation, mentally & physically.


1 x Restivit (Doxylamine) – Over the counter, however, you will be questioned on use.
Now, while near everyone, I included, claims to have slept for Australia following a Restivit before bed, it can leave drowsiness.  In fact, I find, while it does offer up an excellent sleeping reboot, I do require a strong coffee to get things moving the next day.


9.30 pm – 10.30 pm


While in bed!
Reading – hard copy, only! NO SCREENS!
Yes, reading for many will use up that last bit of brain energy before sleep beckons.  Try the book ‘How to lose a few kegs without busting a gut’.  A book guaranteed to put you to sleep.
Sleep Headphones – these are awesome!
When recalibrating my sleep, these bad boys have never let me down!  Alternatively, wrap around masks, free of sound, also work well, particularly when flying.
Either link Bluetooth or use the sleep-friendly cord.  Use your PZIZZ app (Sleep mode) or dial into the hundreds of free youtube clips –  just search; Delta wave sleep sounds. Press play and nigh nigh! YOU can leave them on all night, or, when you feel right, simply pull them off.


⁍ If sleep phones are not possible, consider earplugs or plain old blue tac, particularly when sleeping with snorers.
Oh, does sex help your sleep!  Well, that’s what it says on google!  So, if you’re lucky!
Try a drop of Lavender oil under your top lip – Lavender is herb said to offer up relaxation.  I’ve tried it! And, I guess it works!
For men, mainly, start with less cover but keep that blanket close by for around 2 am.


6 am


Wake up!



Top 5 Flying (comfort & sleeping) Tips


Note: some of these tips repeat practice in 'The Dream On Project'.


1. Book a window seat - leaning up against the window offers 'more' sleeping positions.
2. U- Pillow - yep, while a little dorky, these neck & head moulding pillows work!
3. Headphones (Noise cancelling or Sleep phones) - drown out plane sounds, and the the sick bloke coughing three aisles away.
4. Sleep sounds - again, please try delta wave binaural noise, eg; PZIZZ.
5. Reishi - try 20mg of this natural root for calming purposes.  I used it recently with success.



Top 5 Jet Lag Tips


1. Barefeet - it's all about 'grounding'.  Flying leaves your ions all over the shop, so, whip off your shoes, ASAP, and allow nerve endings in your feet start the circadian reboot.
2. Move (Exercise) - report after report clearly indicates aerobic movement resets circadian rhythm, faster.  Equally, having sat, poorly, for how ever long, your spine would welcome a series of repositioning core exercises.
3. Avoid coffee & Alcohol - yeah, yeah, I know it's a natural default, but, circadian rebooting will be faster avoiding synthetic amplification.  Wait 24 hours.
4. Melatonin - before sleeping your first night in a new time zone, try 20mg of Melatonin.  It's been proven to help sleep transition.
5. Water - if possible, alkaline water with 1 teaspn of baking soda.





Printable 24-hour Checklist

Printable Entire Dream On Project